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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eyebrow Tutorial (a special request from jEnNroXx02)

Hey Dolls!
So I received a special request for a tutorial on my eyebrows.  My theory on eyebrows is as follows :)
  • A great brow begins with great grooming - whether it's waxing, plucking, threading...anyway you groom, this is KEY to a great eyebrow!! I usually have my eyebrows waxed once a month and then maintain them by plucking and trimming as needed (sometimes its every couple days - a week) When I groom I keep my eyebrows filled in this way I'm able to see which hairs fall outside of the eyebrow I'm trying to achieve and pluck them out.  This just works for me best :)
  • A little at a time - whether it's with a liner pencil, eyebrow powder/shadow, or any eyebrow kit of your choice (mine is Benefit's Browzings in Medium which comes with a powder side and a wax side to seal everything in :) ) applying your eyebrows a little at a time with small strokes helps keep my eyebrow looking as natural as possible and helps fill in the brow more thouroughly.  Also it allows you to control how dark and intense you make the eyebrow. It's alot easier to apply more than to take away without compromising the look.  It is a bit time consuming but I find it works best for the look I am trying to achieve :)
  • Set it in - Use a brow gel/wax/set to seal in the eyebrows. You don't want any little flyaways messing up your beautiful creation lol so make sure those babies aren't going anywhere hahaha.  My favorites are the brow wax that comes in the browzings kit and also MAC's Brow Set. 

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you all :)!!!
Much love, XO - Em

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