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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Latisse Review and FIRST YT GIVEAWAY!!! :)

I have been looking forward to this post for a while now :) I have been using Latisse for about 1 and 1/2 years, on and off, and I absolutely love it! My eyelashes had always been unfortunately short and thin so I was always on the search for something that would make them more....VAVOOM lol.  Now, I'm terribly bad at wearing false lashes, for one because I'm horrible at putting them on, and two because most of them feel too heavy for my eyelids so I tend to only wear them when I'm feeling extra fancy haha.  I was too afraid of getting extensions because of horrific stories I had heard of your actually lashes falling of with the fake ones and when I heard you had to maintain them every 3 weeks or so I was really turned off.  I had tried various different mascaras that promised to "double the volume and lenth" but always still wishing they were longer.  So when I came across Latisse I was intrigued yet a little scared to try it.  At my work we get professional samples of most products that we carry so Latisse was included among those... I had also heard stories of eye color change and darkening of the eyelids with the use of Latisse but since my eyes are already dark dark brown I figured, "eeh, I have nothing to lose" haha.  So I set off on my little eyelash growth journey.... applying one drop to each eye nightly.  After the couple weeks I started feeling a little bit of discomfort and itchiness around the eyes but it was explained to me that its a normal thing because the Latisse is creating new hair follicles and hair is trying to break through the skin... it makes since, I mean my legs itch like crazy when the hair is growing back right? So I kept with it and after a couple weeks I didn't notice it anymore :).... I must say for a while I didn't feel like anything was happening until one day, I think around week 8, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I took a picture and when we previewed it to see if we liked it he said, "wow, your eyelashes look long," and he was RIGHT....they did look long! HOORAY it worked!! Week 8 and I could tell a difference and I was barely half way there!! I was hooked after that.  Now around week 11 or 12 they started actually getting so long that they were curling under when I'd apply mascara so I decided to just start the maintence phase at that point.  I did 2 - 3 times a week just to maintain the length and volume they had reached at that point. Over time I got a little lazy and just started applying when I'd remember, which wasn't very often lol so they did shrink a little.  I'm now restarting the process and am currently at week 5.  I'm sooo delighted with my current results and can't wait to continue to see how long they get.  :) I LOVE LATISSE!!!!

Demything the myths:
  • "Latisse will change the color of your eyes, and make your eyelids darker" - Um...not...atleast not for me or any of the girls in my office who have been using this wonderous product for over 2 years. One of our girls has bright blue eyes and they are still brighter and bluer than ever :).  Like I mentioned, my eyes are brown so I wouldn't be able to notice any changes as much...and I haven't :)
  • "Once you stop using Latisse your eyelashes will fall out" - No not exactly..... Your eyelashes shed every 3 months or so, just like your hair, so when you stop using Latisse and that shedding period comes around your long lashes will fall out and the new growth (normal eyelashes that are not being maintained) will remain.  At no point will you completely lose all your eyelashes! lol.
Other fun facts:
  • You can use Latisse on your eyebrows!!! Yep yep, so if you have really thin eyebrows, this might be an answer to your prayers :)
  • They are currently in the process of formulating a hair growth product shampoo for head hair growth!!

This first giveaway I'm doing it for my youtube subcribers since I've reached 100!!! yay me! I will also be doing a blog giveaway when I reach 100 :) But for now this GIVEAWAY is open to my youtube subs :) So if you aren't already subcribed go get in on the fun!! :)

As always....Much love, XO- Em


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  6. lash extensions arent TOO bad. ive done em a few times.. and i was actually thinking of doing a vid on how to do em at home :)

  7. Wow! I got something called Idol Lash which is similar to Latisse! I am only on day 5... I hope it works as good! My lashes are really short and I hated lash extensions! =.=" I made a whole post about it you should check it out!

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