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Monday, January 9, 2012

Faves of 2011 - Part 2!!! :)

Alrighty guys so lets continue.... :) Here is part 2 of my Faves of 2011 video :)!
Faves of 2011 - Part 2 List
  • MAC Eye kohl eyeliner in Smoulder
  • MAC Superslick Liquid eyeliner in Feline - LOVED this bronzy liner! Simply beautiful! 
  • MAC Fix+ - THIS IS A MUST!! I love this stuff!!! Seriously! It just gives you that glowing look and takes away any matteness that might make your makeup look cakey or flat. LOVE!!!!
  • ENJOY Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner - I got these at the hair salon I go to and you can pretty much find them at any hair salon....but they are pricey at $27 for a 10oz bottle.... My husband found a way better deal on amazon where you get 2 professional sizes (32oz) of the shampoo and conditioner for $ def a way better deal!! LOVE this stuff!!
  • Hempz Jasmine, Peach Hydrating Body Wash and Lotion - can be found an most salons and beauty supply stores. SMELLS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!
I really hope you guys enjoyed these and if you give them a try let me know how you like them :)!!! Thanks for tuning in and following! Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel please :)!!! Much love, XO - Em


  1. The Mac fix is my favorite as well :) great video!

  2. new follower from beautylish! You make videos also!! I love your lighting, what do you use? My Youtube videos are not as great because i can't seem to figure out lighting.

  3. @Danielle -thanks love! i actually tape in my bathroom so i have these vanity style light fixtures in there and my husband put in some bright white LED bulbs so it resembles a more natural lighting than the bulbs with like a yellowish tint in them :-) hope that helps :-)