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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The always dreaded curling iron forehead burn and the wonders of Aquaphor

Ok so I know we've all been there.... just sitting there curling our hair all excited to almost be done when all of a sudden....OUCH!! you hear your skin sizzling against the iron rod..... NOOO!!! now you're gonna have this ugly red to brown to then discolored spot on you for weeks, maybe even months right??........Not necessarily...:) This morning I had the misfortune of trying to multi-task while still half asleep lol and burned my forehead :(.... to make it worse....not of the side where its easy to hide. Don't you hate that? For one, these burns, HURT sooo bad and two, they always happen in the most obvious or at times embarrassing spots! ugh!.... Thankfully a while back I had heard one of our doctors, Peter Ashjian, M.D., mention to many of his patients to use aquaphor for skin healing issues post surgery.  I was intrigued... so after some research and a nasty burn to the collar bone I thought hey why not try it.. and it worked amazingly!!! I simply applied it to my burn as soon as it instantly soothed the pain. It also kinda creates this shield that protects it and allows you to still wear make up on that area so it's easier to hide during the "scabbing" period. I reapplied after washing face, showering, etc.. and after a couple days it was gone!! :) It didn't really scab as bad either like it normally would before I discovered this little wonder. It definitely cut down the healing time by almost half the time. And you know how you anxiously wait for the scab to slowly fall off a bit at a time so you have this area of normal skin/scabbed skin/fresh skin? lol well none of that... it did darken some but since the aquaphor is so hydrating it kept the burn moist which promotes healthier healing, hence nicer looking scab. And best of all the discoloration of the new vs old skin was soo minimal. Needless to say I use aquaphor on almost everything now lol. well skin issues atleast haha. It also works great for chapped lips. My husband does wildland fire fighting so during the summer his lips get extremely chapped, when he forgets to use his it lol, but as soon as he does it makes those lips kissable again haha.

What else can you use Aquaphor for?
  • moisturizing dry skin over night - especially during winter season when skin tends to dry out some 
  • make up remover 
  • helps tons with eczema
  • BROW GEL!! - yep, just apply a teeny bit to a small brush and sweep over brows to tame those bad boys
  • already existing scabs anywhere on the body- just goop some onto the area cover with a bandaid and by the next morning it should be alot easier to remove :)
So next time you get a hair curling battle wound, have no fear....aquaphor will clear it right up :)

Until next time... Much love, XO - Em


  1. nice tip!!!i'll keep that in mind..

  2. Hello dear!

    His name is the same of my daughter, I love this name! >.<

    Your blog is beautiful and I'm following!

    Know and follow my blog if you like! *.*

    Thank you and kisses!

  3. I used Aquaphor to help my tattoo heal! That stuff is great! nice Blog! =]

  4. @ Jess - No problem :)!! I followed your blog! too cute!!

    @ Betina - Thank you! I'm following yours too!

    @ Dalek - its amazing right? I love it!

  5. Aquaphor can also be used as a lip moisturizer - Megan Fox swears by using it! I use it all the time and talk about crazy moisturized! Thanks for sharing!