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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Get to know me :)!!!

Hey loves :)!! So I decided to join in on some tag fun! :) My friend Nikita from KikiDBeauty and Norma from Abnormalallure both did this tag and suggested I try it out! I hope you guys enjoy learning a little more about me and if you also make videos then I TAG YOU! :) xoxo- Emily

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Hauls!!!!

Hey Beauties!!!! So last week my husband was on spring break from school so I thought it would be the perfect time to take some vacation time off work and be with him :) And as any vacation, I did ALOT....too much.... lol SHOPPING!! lol. As many of you may know it was chic week at Sephora 3/29 - 4/6 and VIB's received 15% off their purchase!!! If you shopped chic week let me know what you got :)!!!!
Items I purchased:
- Sephora / Pantone Universe Color of the Year Blush Duo
- Soap and Glory Hand Food (my fave :) )
- Josie Maran Argan Lip Plumping Lip gloss: Soledad
- Nars Larger than Life eyeline: Abby Road
- Nars Lipstick : Catfight
- Nars Lipstick: Barbella
- Nars Lipgloss: Chihuahua
- Nars Highlighting powder: Nico
(Forgive the lighting :) we were in our hotel room and it was night time lol )

Also did a Mini MAC Haul and pick up some items I pretty much just needed to restock and also a few things I had heard great things about and was excited to try :)
Items I purchased:
- Paint Pot : Painterly
- Super Slick Liquid Eyeliner : Definitely Feline
- Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara Double Effect
- Powder Blush : Fleur Power
- Cremesheen Lipstick : Innocence Beware (Cook MAC Collection)
- Lipstick: Watch Me Simmer (Cook MAC Collection)
- Glaze Lipstick: Hue
- Lipglass : Rich & Witty

and finally :) While in Anaheim for Disneyland we stopped by a LUSH!!! and of course I couldn't resist but to get some things from there as well!!
Items I purchased:
- Ocean Salt ( my hunnies favorite :) )
- The Olive Branch Shower Gel
- Almond & Coconut Smoothie
- Buffy Bar
- Bubblegum Lip Scrub
- Trichomaniac Solid Shampoo

Hope you guys enjoy these hauls and it helps give you some ideas for your collections as well :) Love you guys!!! See you soon!!!

Swap with My dear friend NIKITA!!! KikiDBeauty!!

Hey dolls!!! Through this whole experience I have met some really wonderful people and I'm so thankful for it!! It really is amazing how you can meet people thousands of miles away from you who share your same interests! Nikita is one of the first people I reached out to on youtube months ago when I first started my blog and yt channel. She is such a sweet and friendly girl so it was easy to talk to her about all the things we love.  We recently decided to swap some makeup since she lives in the UK and doesn't have access to some of the products we have here, and likewise there are many things in the UK that I don't have access to.  Let me tell you guys how fun and exciting this is!!! It was like christmas all over again when I received my package. I highly recommend you try this if you keep in touch with people from different countries :) In this swap we set our budget and sent each other a list of the things we've been dying to try..
Things I sent her:
- Maybelline Color Tattoos in Pomegranite Punk and Fierce & Tangy
- Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Quad
- Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin
- Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore
- Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy
- Tarte Amazonian Maricuja Lipgloss in Amused
- EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet

:) Check out the video to see what she kindly sent me :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Its been FOREVER!!!

Soo Soo Sooooo Sorry beauties!! I've been absent for a bit due to some projects I've been working on out of town that have been consuming my every free moment lol! I will disclose more details in the future :) but I'm really excited with how things are going in the process!! :) So let me catch you up on many things I've been working on.  I have still been trying to upload videos to my youtube channel weekly, as time permits, so make sure to keep up with those and see me venture into the wonderful world of colors :) As many of you may know, I am THE BIGGEST NEUTRAL lover ever lol, so many of my looks are very soft, romantic, every day type looks.  However, I've been really working on incorporating colors into looks to make them more BOLD :)!! yay so since I've been MIA for a bit I just want to catch you up on the past couple videos I've created :) ENJOY!

Coral Collaboration w/ KikiDBeauty!!! :)

                                                  St. Patty's Day "Lucky Me" Green Tutorial :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!! Came across this and wanted to share :) .....

Hey Dolls,
Happy Valentines Day!! Hope you all have a fabulous day filled with love :)!!! Just wanted to share some food for thought :)!

“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
 For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
 For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
 For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.
 For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
 People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
 As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.”
Sam Levenson

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Pop of Pink Valentine's Day Tutorial and MY FIRST COLLAB :) w/ AbnormalAllure

Hey Dolls :)
I had soo much fun putting together a little valentine's day look for you.  This is actually a collaboration with my dear friend Norma from AbnormalAllure :) She did a more night time appropriate look where as my look is a bit more subtle and something I'd feel comfortable wearing during the day.  I really hope you guys enjoy this video and don't forget to check out Norma at her blog and yt channel :)!!! Love you guys! Have a fabulous Valentines DAY!!!!!
Much love, XO - Em

Haul Time :)!!!!!! Collective - NYX, MAC, LUSH, Forever21, Bloomingdales and MENS!!!

Hi Lovies! :) So last weekend was my wonderful husband's birthday!! :) So we decided to take a trip down to LA and do some shopping/visiting with friends for superbowl weekend.  Now I picked up several different things ranging from beauty/makeup products to clothes and even Mens stuff :)!!! So take a peek and see what we picked up :)!!! I've split them up into two videos, the first being Makeup and beauty products:
*** It's not letting me post part 1 :( so here is the link :)
And the second is all about clothes and the Men's items I picked up for the hubby :)
Hope you enjoy dolls!
Much love, XO - Em

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eyebrow Tutorial (a special request from jEnNroXx02)

Hey Dolls!
So I received a special request for a tutorial on my eyebrows.  My theory on eyebrows is as follows :)
  • A great brow begins with great grooming - whether it's waxing, plucking, threading...anyway you groom, this is KEY to a great eyebrow!! I usually have my eyebrows waxed once a month and then maintain them by plucking and trimming as needed (sometimes its every couple days - a week) When I groom I keep my eyebrows filled in this way I'm able to see which hairs fall outside of the eyebrow I'm trying to achieve and pluck them out.  This just works for me best :)
  • A little at a time - whether it's with a liner pencil, eyebrow powder/shadow, or any eyebrow kit of your choice (mine is Benefit's Browzings in Medium which comes with a powder side and a wax side to seal everything in :) ) applying your eyebrows a little at a time with small strokes helps keep my eyebrow looking as natural as possible and helps fill in the brow more thouroughly.  Also it allows you to control how dark and intense you make the eyebrow. It's alot easier to apply more than to take away without compromising the look.  It is a bit time consuming but I find it works best for the look I am trying to achieve :)
  • Set it in - Use a brow gel/wax/set to seal in the eyebrows. You don't want any little flyaways messing up your beautiful creation lol so make sure those babies aren't going anywhere hahaha.  My favorites are the brow wax that comes in the browzings kit and also MAC's Brow Set. 

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you all :)!!!
Much love, XO - Em

Date Night featuring a Braided Up-Do and casual neutral FOTN

So we have a weekly Saturday date night tradition with our good friends Natalie and Jimmy but with all the holidays and New year settling in, it had been a while since our last needless to say I was very happy to spend some time with some of our fave people :) Now I had gotten a lot of compliments that day with the braided up do I created so I figured you guys might like to see just what I did :)

and I paired it up with a simple neutral make up look to :)

So before dinner I set up the cam and brought you along to get ready with me.  I hope you all enjoy :)!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Latisse Review and FIRST YT GIVEAWAY!!! :)

I have been looking forward to this post for a while now :) I have been using Latisse for about 1 and 1/2 years, on and off, and I absolutely love it! My eyelashes had always been unfortunately short and thin so I was always on the search for something that would make them more....VAVOOM lol.  Now, I'm terribly bad at wearing false lashes, for one because I'm horrible at putting them on, and two because most of them feel too heavy for my eyelids so I tend to only wear them when I'm feeling extra fancy haha.  I was too afraid of getting extensions because of horrific stories I had heard of your actually lashes falling of with the fake ones and when I heard you had to maintain them every 3 weeks or so I was really turned off.  I had tried various different mascaras that promised to "double the volume and lenth" but always still wishing they were longer.  So when I came across Latisse I was intrigued yet a little scared to try it.  At my work we get professional samples of most products that we carry so Latisse was included among those... I had also heard stories of eye color change and darkening of the eyelids with the use of Latisse but since my eyes are already dark dark brown I figured, "eeh, I have nothing to lose" haha.  So I set off on my little eyelash growth journey.... applying one drop to each eye nightly.  After the couple weeks I started feeling a little bit of discomfort and itchiness around the eyes but it was explained to me that its a normal thing because the Latisse is creating new hair follicles and hair is trying to break through the skin... it makes since, I mean my legs itch like crazy when the hair is growing back right? So I kept with it and after a couple weeks I didn't notice it anymore :).... I must say for a while I didn't feel like anything was happening until one day, I think around week 8, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I took a picture and when we previewed it to see if we liked it he said, "wow, your eyelashes look long," and he was RIGHT....they did look long! HOORAY it worked!! Week 8 and I could tell a difference and I was barely half way there!! I was hooked after that.  Now around week 11 or 12 they started actually getting so long that they were curling under when I'd apply mascara so I decided to just start the maintence phase at that point.  I did 2 - 3 times a week just to maintain the length and volume they had reached at that point. Over time I got a little lazy and just started applying when I'd remember, which wasn't very often lol so they did shrink a little.  I'm now restarting the process and am currently at week 5.  I'm sooo delighted with my current results and can't wait to continue to see how long they get.  :) I LOVE LATISSE!!!!

Demything the myths:
  • "Latisse will change the color of your eyes, and make your eyelids darker" - Um...not...atleast not for me or any of the girls in my office who have been using this wonderous product for over 2 years. One of our girls has bright blue eyes and they are still brighter and bluer than ever :).  Like I mentioned, my eyes are brown so I wouldn't be able to notice any changes as much...and I haven't :)
  • "Once you stop using Latisse your eyelashes will fall out" - No not exactly..... Your eyelashes shed every 3 months or so, just like your hair, so when you stop using Latisse and that shedding period comes around your long lashes will fall out and the new growth (normal eyelashes that are not being maintained) will remain.  At no point will you completely lose all your eyelashes! lol.
Other fun facts:
  • You can use Latisse on your eyebrows!!! Yep yep, so if you have really thin eyebrows, this might be an answer to your prayers :)
  • They are currently in the process of formulating a hair growth product shampoo for head hair growth!!

This first giveaway I'm doing it for my youtube subcribers since I've reached 100!!! yay me! I will also be doing a blog giveaway when I reach 100 :) But for now this GIVEAWAY is open to my youtube subs :) So if you aren't already subcribed go get in on the fun!! :)

As always....Much love, XO- Em

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!! :)

Hooray!!! I received my first blog award! Yikes! I haven't been at this too long so I definitely need to step up my game in the name of this award :)!!

So to start I would love to first thank my amazing and beautiful friend Norma at for giving me this award! thank you so much lovey, your support has been soo appreciated!!! love ya!! So guys please go check out her blog, she's a newbie too :), and make sure to follow her on there!! :) She has an awesome yt channel too :)!!! 

Here Are The Rules:
  • You must Thank the person who gave you the award, including a shout out with a link back to their blog. 
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself. 
  • Send the award to 15 other bloggers whose blogs you love and let them know about it.  

  Seven random facts about me:
 1. I LOVE AVOCADOS!! I can eat them by themselves...just give me a spoon and some salt and I have dinner :) lol
 2. I am deadly afraid of heights!!!!
 3. My nostrils flare when I talk about something that excites me :)
 4. I wish I never would've stopped playing piano when I was younger.... I might've been like a pro piantist by now.
 5. I hate shaving my legs during the winter...... gross I know but I'm always wearing pants anyway so no one will know!! well until now... lol
 6. I steal and hoard pens..... I don't mean too :( i just kinda walk off with them and then find them in my purse later lol
 7. I love hanging out in bed with my hubby on sundays til 4pm lol  :) 

  I am awarding the Versatile Blogger award to:
Much Love, Xo - Em

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

REVIEW - Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Hi Dolls!! I'm sure many of you have heard of the wonderful Color Tattoo Eyeshadows that Maybelline has come out with.... and let me tell ya....they are AMAZING! If you are a MAC paint pot user, you will be impressed with these creamy wonders.  I usually tend to steer clear from any creamy eyeshadow that aren't the paint pots but when I heard all the raving about how genius Maybelline was to create these I decided to give them a shot. My first thoughts: nice packaging (similar to paint pots in the glass container with the black screw on cap), good amount of product (.14oz, compared to MAC's paint pot .17oz...only a .03oz difference), great range of colors (neutrals and bold colors), great price point!!   It took me a bit to find them since most displays were completely sold out, but finally got 5 of the 10 colors in the collection at a Rite Aid by my house.  Make sure to watch my Review video on them for swatches :).... I'll briefly list and describe the colors I got and also give you the main reasons why I think these are a great buy. 
  • Too Cool - white, icy/frosty color.  Great for highlighting the brow bone and inner eye corners.  You can also dab some along the top of the cheek bone for nice highlight. 
  • Tough as Taupe - MY FAVORITE!! - Matte (which is very hard to find in a creamy eyeshadow) taupish-gray color. 
  • Bad to the Bronze - another FAVORITE - beautiful bronze
  • Bold Gold - Nice, rich true gold
  • Pomegranite Punk - beautiful burgandy color, very similar to MAC's eyeshadow Sable except in a cream form. 
The other colors in the line which I was not able to find, but am still on the look out for are:  Tenacious Teal (beautiful vibrant teal), Paint me Purple ( pastel purple), Audacious Asphalt ( nice graphite silver, would work well for a smokey eye look), and a beautiful green and orange that I am not too sure of their names. 

  • With a price point of $6.99 they are much more affordable than MAC's paint pots which you are usually looking at spending anywhere form $19 - 20 something dollars on. 
  • Great range of colors (including neutrals and bold colors), still not as many as the paint pots have to offer but a great start. 
  • AWESOME color pay off - these shadows are very highly pigmented!!! They work will for both soft looks and dramatic pigment intense looks (just build on more layers)
  • Long Lasting - these are wonderful because they do NOT crease at all!!!! and it stays in place all day.  Once they dry they're not going anywhere lol....of course until you take off with makeup remover haha. 
Overall, I would definitely recommend trying these out for yourself.  I've had an awesome experience with them those far, and like I said I usually tend to not give in to anything other than paint pots.  :)

Much Love, XO - Em

Friday, January 13, 2012

Review - Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

aahhh....How I love these new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters!

Now, about a little over a month ago I started seeing and hearing so many people raving about these new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters.....I was intrigued...Prior to purchasing my first two I did some research where I found some reviews saying it was a highly pigmented lip balm and others saying it was a simply another lipstick with a nice moisturizing feeling to it...So I simply had to find out what these little wonders were all about.  I decided to start out with two colors which were Lollipop and Sweet Tart. At this point the displays were already to starting to look light and the colors were a bit limited so I was happy with my selection.  My first impression of these were, "cute packaging." They come in the standard lipstick tube form with a transparent, diamond embossed cap that matches the color of the lipstick.  It also has the standard Revlon see through top which allows buyers to see the actual lipstick, which I absolutely think is fantastic...nothing worse than buying a shade that looked good on the little sticker swatch and revealing something that looks nothing like it. Now as I opened the cap I discovered the first con was the amount of product.  It seemed to me to be less than a normal lipstick tube, and at $6.50 a piece I hoped that it would have a nice amount of product.  As far as the actual product itself....I absolutely fell in love. As soon as applied it to my lips I instantly felt how soft and moisturizing they were, so no need to add a gloss for extra hydration :). I tried Lollipop, which is a hot fuchsia color, that is so beautiful, definitely at the top of my list.  With generous application I was able to get a highly pigmented and glossy lip look. Be careful to not press down too hard, as they are lip butters and are very soft and smushable, so be gentle. I was very pleased with the color payoff.  Now depending on the shade you choose some are more pigmented than others, some have shimmer while others are a bit more sheen, and then you have your glossy pigmented colors.  As far as longevity, they do wear off when you eat, drink, talk like most lips products so reapplication is needed to maintain the look.  I've heard some people say that when it wears off it chaps their lips and dries them out, however, I haven't experienced that at all. If you continue to reapply, your lips should have no problem staying hydrated.  Now with delicious names like Lollipop, Sweet Tart, Candy Apple, and Red Velvet one might want to eat them lol however, don't be tricked, these lip butters are not would be fun if they were though.  I have added 3 more colors to my collection....and only three because THEY ARE SOOO HARD TO FIND. Apparently by now everyone has heard of how wonderful they are and have completely swiped out all the displays lol.  So I am still on the hunt for several more colors...creme brule, red velvet, gumdrop, strawberry sorbet. There is 20 in the entire line so I'll keep adding to my collection for sure!!! A little description of the colors I do own:
  • Peach Parfait: beautiful peachy pink color with gold shimmer.  Not as highly pigmented which makes it a great everyday color. 
  • Cotton Candy: light pink w/ gold shimmer. Also not too pigmented. 
  • Sweet Tart: pink glossy color. No shimmer, lovely pigmentation. Not a light pink but not a hot pink....simple a true pink! BEAUTIFUL!! Great spring lip color.
  • Lollipop: I LOVE THIS color!!!! Stunning hot shimmer in this one, but it has a bit of a purple glazy look.  Overall it looks like just a very pigmented fucshia color. Great holiday season color.
  • Candy Apple: unfortunately not my favorite color on me. I was so bummed to find that with my yellow undertones it made the color look more orange on me than red :(.  It's still a beautiful vibrant glossy red color, that on lighter skin tones looks amazing so I highly recommend this for fair skin tones with pink undertones. 
My top picks: Peach parfait and cotton candy, since they are so wearable throughout any time of the year. And LOLLIPOP! just because of how simply gorgeous the color is and the color payoff is amazing!!!
Swatches are available on my video as well as other fun details :) Overall, I love these lip butters. The feel is amazing and the colors available are a nice range of selection for all likings. LOVE!!!!!!

 Keep a look out for my upcoming review on Latisse :)!!!!!! Until next time :)
Much Love, XO~ Em         

Monday, January 9, 2012

Faves of 2011 - Part 2!!! :)

Alrighty guys so lets continue.... :) Here is part 2 of my Faves of 2011 video :)!
Faves of 2011 - Part 2 List
  • MAC Eye kohl eyeliner in Smoulder
  • MAC Superslick Liquid eyeliner in Feline - LOVED this bronzy liner! Simply beautiful! 
  • MAC Fix+ - THIS IS A MUST!! I love this stuff!!! Seriously! It just gives you that glowing look and takes away any matteness that might make your makeup look cakey or flat. LOVE!!!!
  • ENJOY Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner - I got these at the hair salon I go to and you can pretty much find them at any hair salon....but they are pricey at $27 for a 10oz bottle.... My husband found a way better deal on amazon where you get 2 professional sizes (32oz) of the shampoo and conditioner for $ def a way better deal!! LOVE this stuff!!
  • Hempz Jasmine, Peach Hydrating Body Wash and Lotion - can be found an most salons and beauty supply stores. SMELLS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!
I really hope you guys enjoyed these and if you give them a try let me know how you like them :)!!! Thanks for tuning in and following! Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel please :)!!! Much love, XO - Em

Faves of 2011!!!!! :)

Hooray!! My Faves of 2011 video/blog post was soooo much fun to create! It seriously soo hard to narrow down the products since I LOVE so many of them but I think I got a great selection ready for you ranging on everything from make up to skin care, hair care, etc. :) So I hope you enjoy the video! and make sure to come back here to see the full list of favorites posted below :)
Faves of 2011 - Part 1 List:
  • Pevonia Combination Skin Cleanser - can be found mostly in spas for $30 - $40 or on for around $25. I also love their Combination Skin Lotion, which is a toner, with a little cotton round to remove any left over makeup or residue :)
  • Pevonia Combination Skin Mask - LOVE this stuff! Leaves your face so radiant and bright :)!!! 
  • Vivite Exfoliating Facial Scrub - ALL time favorite scrub that leaves my face super smooth and feeling extra clean! Can also be found mainly in spas for around $40 - $50. *Drugstore favorite scrub is Neutrogenas Deep Clean Gentle Scrub!
  • Revaleskin Replenishing Eye Therapy - LOVE LOVE LOVE! All time fave as well! I've never tried anything like it! The 1% coffeeberry helps with the puffiness and it reduces dark eye circles which is fabulous for me! 
  • Make Up Forever HD High Definition Foundation - I use #153 Golden Honey and I got mine at Sephora for around $40.  It's going to be heard to compete with this one.... I love how the shade matches my skin perfectly and it feels soooo smooth and light.
  • Laura Mercier Secret Camoflauge - I use SC-4 :)
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW 25 - *Drugstore comparison would be the maybelline age rewind concealer which I've recently gotten and am trying out...liking so far :)
  • Mac powder blush in Melba :) - Fave of all time too..... such a wearable all the time blush. You can use this beautiful light peachy pink on its own for a matte tint to the cheeks or add bronzer/shimmer to it for a little extra glow :)
  • Mac Powder bronzer in Blunt - Perfect for contouring and to shade around the temples. Works great with all skin tones.
  • Naked Palette by Urban Decay! - LOVE LOVE LOVE that there's such a great range of colors, some matte, some with shimmer.  This was the only eyeshadow I took on my honeymoon (week long) and I had different eye looks everyday....SO AWESOME!! 
  • Chanel Lipgloss in Glossimer - I am sooo disappointed this was a limited edition gloss and still don't understand why it didn't make it to there permanent line :(
  • Nars Lipgloss in Turkish Delight - Beautiful light pink that looks beautiful on its own or can be applied over a nude lipstick for a slight pinky tint :) *Drugstore comparative would have to be L'Oreals Color Riche le'Gloss in Baby Blossom. 
We're not done here.......continue to the following post for part 2 of my 2011 Faves!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The always dreaded curling iron forehead burn and the wonders of Aquaphor

Ok so I know we've all been there.... just sitting there curling our hair all excited to almost be done when all of a sudden....OUCH!! you hear your skin sizzling against the iron rod..... NOOO!!! now you're gonna have this ugly red to brown to then discolored spot on you for weeks, maybe even months right??........Not necessarily...:) This morning I had the misfortune of trying to multi-task while still half asleep lol and burned my forehead :(.... to make it worse....not of the side where its easy to hide. Don't you hate that? For one, these burns, HURT sooo bad and two, they always happen in the most obvious or at times embarrassing spots! ugh!.... Thankfully a while back I had heard one of our doctors, Peter Ashjian, M.D., mention to many of his patients to use aquaphor for skin healing issues post surgery.  I was intrigued... so after some research and a nasty burn to the collar bone I thought hey why not try it.. and it worked amazingly!!! I simply applied it to my burn as soon as it instantly soothed the pain. It also kinda creates this shield that protects it and allows you to still wear make up on that area so it's easier to hide during the "scabbing" period. I reapplied after washing face, showering, etc.. and after a couple days it was gone!! :) It didn't really scab as bad either like it normally would before I discovered this little wonder. It definitely cut down the healing time by almost half the time. And you know how you anxiously wait for the scab to slowly fall off a bit at a time so you have this area of normal skin/scabbed skin/fresh skin? lol well none of that... it did darken some but since the aquaphor is so hydrating it kept the burn moist which promotes healthier healing, hence nicer looking scab. And best of all the discoloration of the new vs old skin was soo minimal. Needless to say I use aquaphor on almost everything now lol. well skin issues atleast haha. It also works great for chapped lips. My husband does wildland fire fighting so during the summer his lips get extremely chapped, when he forgets to use his it lol, but as soon as he does it makes those lips kissable again haha.

What else can you use Aquaphor for?
  • moisturizing dry skin over night - especially during winter season when skin tends to dry out some 
  • make up remover 
  • helps tons with eczema
  • BROW GEL!! - yep, just apply a teeny bit to a small brush and sweep over brows to tame those bad boys
  • already existing scabs anywhere on the body- just goop some onto the area cover with a bandaid and by the next morning it should be alot easier to remove :)
So next time you get a hair curling battle wound, have no fear....aquaphor will clear it right up :)

Until next time... Much love, XO - Em

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My New Years Eve Look (Part 2)

Ok so here is part numero dos!! :) The funner of the two :) Products used in this video are as follow:

  • Eye shadow primer - Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion 
  • All over lid shadow - Mary Kay Sweet Cream - any matte ivory color will work
  • Lid and crease shadow - Urban Decay Naked Palette's Naked - matte taupe
  • Crease shadow - Urban Decay Naked Palette's Buck - matte tan/brown
  • Highlight shadow - Urban Decay Naked Palette's Virgin - shimmery light ivory (apply right under the brow along brow bone and inside corner of the eyes
  • Eyeliner - MAC eye kohl eyeliner in smoulder
  • Liner Shadow - Urban Decay Naked Palette's Creep - black shadow with slight shimmer
  • Mascara - Mary Kay Love Lash mascara and Maybelline False Lashes
  • Brows - Benefit Browzing in Medium
  • Blush - Urban Decay Face Case, the color is not listed on here :( but its basically a satiny rose pink
  • LIPS - Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Lollipop
*I didn't apply lashes because I'm not much of a lashes girl but you could also apply lashes which would only make the look even prettier :)!!!!

I had soooo much fun doing this first video and it may not be the best video out there but I hope you guys enjoy and continue to join me along on this fun new journey of beauty blogging :) 

Much Love, XO - Em

New Years Eve Look (Face/foundation) - Products used

Hi Lovelies! So as promised I posted my New Years eve look this morning.. and I had actually made a video on Sunday but while I was editing I cut a huge chunk on accident so I decided to retape :) don't mind the crazy undone hair lol..I had just gotten home from the gym and showered. But I was tooo excited to dry and style my hair that I just went for it lol. Anywho.... as I mentioned in my video here is the list of products I used for my face/foundation in this part 1 video :)

  • Primer - Sephora Perfecting Ultra-Smooth Primer ( I normally use the Smashbox photo finish primer but this one has the same consistency as the smashbox one and its cheaper :)...)
  • Foundation - Make up Forever HD High Definition Foundation in Golden Honey #153
  • Concealer # 1 - Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-4, lighter shade around the eyes and darker shade for blemishes and spots
  • Powder - MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC30 
  • Contour - MAC blush powder in Blunt - applied with MAC's contouring brush #168SE
  • Concealer #2 - MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25 - only around the eyes for a brighter eye
  • Highlight cream - Benefit High Beam
  • Highlight Powder - MAC mineralize skin finish in Smooth Merge - applied with Sephora stippling brush.   

Thanks for tagging along hope the rest of this look is fun for you guys!!! :) Don't forget to subscribe to my blog and youtube channel :)!!! You can also find my on facebook and on twitter!/mySecretGlam!

Much love, XO - Em

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stay tuned..... first look debuts tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will be recreating my New Years Eve look, which is also the look I have in my intro video :)!

First video!! :)

Ok so since I've never uploaded a youtube video from my mac yet I didn't know that apparently you have to tweek all these options before being able to upload to when I thought "hooray its done!" i realized it wasn't :( but I finally figured out how to get it upload, now it's just a matter of waiting for it to load oy
YAY its finally done! so heres the link.... hope you enjoy! Unfortunately it took forever to edit the intro video and run errands today so I was unable to edit the tutorial....i'll start working on it tonight but it'll most like be up tomorrow since this little lady had work in the morning and needs her sleep :) Good night my fellow beauties!
Much love, XO~ Em

Monday, January 2, 2012

My very first blog!......Intro time :)

Hello everyone :)!! Welcome to my blog! I've actually been wanting to start this for THE LONGEST TIME....I wanna say probably since back in 2010... but theres been sooo many things I've had to prioritize and I really didn't want to fully start until I knew I was able to dedicate myself fully.  I made starting this blog one of my 2012 new year resolutions because I've just been so anxious and obsessed with starting it that it was a MUST!! So I guess I will start by introducing myself..... My name is Emily :) I'm not a professional make up artist or licensed aesthetician...I'm just a girl with an obsessively huge beauty addiction, with a huge ambition to learn and grow in anything from make up, skincare, fashion, even fitness (although I will totally admit I am more likely to fall of that wagon myself at times lol)...a little something I like to call GLAMBITION!!  So I guess you can say my blog is simply going to be about things I've learned personally, things I've read or heard of and tried out myself, looks I like or come up with, etc.  So from one girl to another sharing some glam tips.. :) Let's see....2011 was a pretty BIG year for me, lots of accomplishments and memories that made it the best year ever! I'm a recent newlywed... 2 months and 9 days to be exact, to the most amazing man ever!! He's been a huge supporter of my dreams and has made sure to push me to launch this blog :) I would have to say that wedding planning was my major hobby in 2011.  I also graduated from Cal State Univ. Bakersfield with my Bachelors of Science in Marketing/Business Admin., I trained for and ran my first 1/2 marathon at the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series in San Diego, Ca. back in June, hence some of the reasons I was not able to start blogging lol.  I currently work for a plastic surgeon here in my hometown of Bakersfield, which I would have to say is where most of my skin care product/treatment and health knowledge comes from.  My husband has been so great about supporting my beauty product addiction and I am oh soo grateful to him for that :) 
Ok so why start my blog now?.....Well like I mentioned I've been wanting to start one for the longest so I made it one of my top resolutions and recently I've been getting a lot of people, both friends and mostly randoms complementing different make up looks and asking what type of products I use, suggestions on skin care products, etc.... Thats definitely been the motivation for me to get with it and start this already.  :) I will also be vlogging on youtube....tutorials, product reviews, Q&A's, OOTD, and much can find me at starting tomorrow....well I guess later today since it's already past midnight lol. I will be doing my intro video along with a tutorial on the look I wore for New Years Eve :) I hope that you will join me on this journey and that you enjoy what I love! :) Please subscribe if you're curious to see whats in store :) 
Much Love, XO ~ Em